Dear friends!

Dear friends!

This site has been created to introduce you to individuals who live with us, in us and around us. We ourselves live in the world of reality, dreams and imagination. However, not everyone is blessed with the gift of seeing this within themselves and expressing it. This is done for us by artists. To become a true artist, it is necessary to have the talent to reflect your vision of the world on canvas. Further, a great deal of meaning is attributed to the schooling of the artist, reflecting the form of acknowledged art directions and techniques expressed by the artist.

But what you will find on this site goes far beyond merely demonstrating the works of artists. Here you will find descriptions of the private worlds and influences of the artists, autobiographical notes on their lives, their stages of development through exhibitions, and their reflections. One of the most interesting points is that each artist has, from birth, upheld aspects of Russian Orthodox culture throughout their lives, supplementing this with European, Chinese and finally Australian cultures. This wealth of multiculturalism and life experience gives an unusually broad capacity to reflect the world in which the artists lived and continue to live in. The artists have lived through tumultuous historical events of the past century. All the works are professional and have been exhibited. These works bridge two countries in their spirituality – Russia and Australia.

The historic-geographical origin of this site is the society of Russian artists in Sydney. Later we added an artist from Melbourne and one from Adelaide. And this is only the first step, after which we must make another, with your help, dear visitors. We look forward to your feedback.

Yours faithfully and hope of opening of new names,
Vladimir Kopylov -
Natasha Lobastova
Evgenie Zubrin –

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