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This site actually is last hope to acquaint fans of painting with original artists from far Australia.
at first this desire concerned only representation Alexandra Alexandrovna Azovtseff. Though she has acquainted Kopylov Vladimir with other artists of Sydney - Eeya Gleboff, Leedeya Yastrebova. But... it has not turned out such in 90th years in new Russia. Further there was an acquaintance to a family of Lobastov, a family which has helped to learn about other artists - Paul Himine, Maicl Bakich, Leeka Gruzdeff, Alexander Zubrine, Leonid Vasine. The thought has naturally arisen to present all of them together as it is big good luck to meet such different artists, the most interesting persons. Their biographies the richest. About such people should know all who loves a life in all its displays. Here it would be desirable to present such interlacing of destinies and talent a separate exhibition to Russia. But... again it has not turned out in Russia of 2006-2008. Then has come the right decision is unique - to use the INTERNET. This most powerful independent information field for all. And we, - organizers from two continents of Russia and Australia, wish to develop ours not a commercial project on pages of our site. Welcome! Support our project the knowledge, documents, stories.

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Dorogaya Jenne. Vlodimir Kopylov has asked me to write a note abour or our colleague. I have wrietten my memories of AAAzovtsev which I hope you would kindly publish them in the Edinenie Newspaper. in conjunction with her 100th year from her birthday..... I will s...»
One hundred years ago, on the 19th November, was the birth day of an exceptional artist, Alexandra Alexandrovna Azovtseva-Lyudikormina On this site you will find links to images from her last exhibition in Sydney, July 1992. This exhibition gives you the opportuni...»
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